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Using our patented process (#7,212,688 B2) we translate your image into perforated metal panels. Each system is engineered and built to your specification by our expert shop team and shipped with all the hardware and substructure to your location, ready for easy installation. Design and order directly from your web browser or work with our dedicated team.


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Already designed for your project.


With an array of pre-engineered structural systems and simple and quick installation, ImageWall is ready for your project, whether that’s a 100 foot facade or an 8 foot partition. Our in-house manufacturing process creates panel systems with seamless imagery at high-precision tolerances. Go even further with special-case structural systems and newly developed features.

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We believe in real metals.


Over 120 years of working with metal we have developed a nuanced familiarity with the character of a variety of materials including zinc, stainless steel, steel, copper, and aluminum. We have also developed a range of durable patinas and surface treatments which augment the characteristics of each metal.

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