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Solanum Steel
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Change the type of your ImageWall and tell us more about its location so that we can give you accurate pricing.





Structural Depth


Overall dimensions of your ImageWall installation.



A tighter grid gives more resolution to the image, but has more holes and is thus more expensive. A larger grid works well on larger projects which are often viewed from farther away.

Grid Size


Control the size and shape of the holes in your ImageWall.

Min/Max Size


Baroque Zinc™
Hunter Zinc™
Pre-weathered Zinc
Roano Zinc™


Solanum Steel

Stainless Steel

Angel Hair® Stainless Steel
Glass Bead™ Stainless Steel
Mirror Polish Stainless Steel


Dirty Penny Copper™
Star Blue Copper™


Anodized Aluminum
Painted Aluminum
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Our Process

Our Process

ImageWall systems are made to order using precision manufacturing and custom software.


The ImageWall team is powered by over 120 years of accumulated knowledge in metal research and fabrication. ImageWall systems are the ultimate in precision and quality because we control the full stack, from metal sheet forming to software algorithm design. We are constantly exploring new technologies and ideas, in the shop and in the studio, so you can continue pushing the limits of beautiful and functional design.

Meet our team

What's in the box?

There is much more to ImageWall than perforated sheets of metal.


What happens after you press the Buy button? Here is a summary of what to expect and what is and is not included in the price. For details, please peruse the Terms of Use or contact us.

Our Process


  • ImageWall panels, framing structure, and hardware to attach everything together and to the wall or floor included.

  • Engineered shop drawings and installation instructions included.

  • Walls and facades are engineered for any of the following substrates: filled CMU, wood or metal stud wall with blocking, concrete floor slabs at least 8" thick, or steel frame. All systems are engineered for the standard design wind loads at your location.

  • Careful packaging and delivery to your door/warehouse/job site included.

  • 8" x 10" generic sample of panel finish can be sent upon request.

  • Includes limited collaboration time to develop details that can't be represented in the designer, for example corners or an opening for a door. Each modification is subject to individual approval.

Not Included

  • Currently ceilings do not include hanging cables.

  • Shop drawings will require field dimensions, which you need to provide. We'll work with you to figure out the measurements we need.

  • If you have a wall that is not on the list, are concerned about snow or ice loads, or your project starts more than 20 feet above ground level, just let us know.

  • Permit fees, duties, and taxes outside of USA are not included.

  • Let us know if you need a mockup or other project-specific samples and we can provide a separate quote.

  • We can make anything! However the price above doesn't include major modifications to the design, for example a door or non-planar surfaces. Get in touch if you're not sure.