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We are a small, energetic team dedicated to making beautiful things. Our wide range of backgrounds and expertise, from metallurgy and machining to software development and sculpture, allows for constant innovation (and fun!). Interested in joining us? Let us know.


Our mission is to design and build innovative, bespoke architectural products and to develop new ways of specifying and purchasing which increase efficiency, transparency, and dependability. Our goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations.


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ImageWall is a small team with big resources.

The ImageWall team is powered by Zahner, the leader in custom architectural sheet metal. Our shared, highly skilled craftspeople draw upon decades of collective knowledge and experience, creating highly bespoke products with precise attention to detail.

Full Stack

We touch every step, from writing software algorithms to building crates.


Controlling the whole process makes every step better. Our software algorithms account for the nuances of metal's reaction to our fabrication processes. Our designers are informed by exactly how and where a project is being made. And, our shop is more efficient and accurate because all the information and project management is under one roof. The result is a superior product truly crafted just for you.


We care about the planet and strive to improve our natural environment.


We care deeply about the world we live in, and we know you do too. Metal is long-lasting and easily recycled, making it a sustainable choice for building materials. ImageWall systems and finishes are designed with longevity in mind, and all scrap material is recycled. The award winning ImageWall patina facility voluntarily exceeds EPA requirements for waste management, because we feel environmental stewardship is not optional.


Safety first in the ImageWall shop.


The ImageWall team takes shop safety very seriously. We are committed to employee safety and protection and are constantly working to identify and prevent hazards. This commitment has resulted in an incredible four years without a lost time accident. In addition the shop is applying for an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program which helps ensure healthful working conditions. A safe environment means healthy employees who are better engaged in creating a superior, cost effective, and efficient product.

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